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FONT: Splendid 66, Bebas
Journaling: 02/10 - A typical sight in Linc's room any day of the week, no matter how times I pick up!

Linc is going through a climbing phase. I found him on top of the table too many times this week! Once I even found him standing on the edge! So not good for one’s nerves! I hope this passes soon!

05/10 - Linc wanted to help his Daddy put his bed together. Unfortunately it took us a little longer than we would have liked and little boy got over tired, resulting in an epic tantrum.

06 Oct - While the first nap did not go so well, he slept in it that night no problems! He only got out once (about 5 mins after getting in), then slept the entire night until about 6:30 the next morning. He never got up once and woke up so well rested and in the most beautiful mood! Naptime the second day did not go well either and Linc is now well and truly testing boundaries.

A busy week for us this week! I saw the chiropractor again on Monday. Three treatments in five days and things are calming. Now I go once a week. Tuesday I had a check up with my GP and my ante-d injection. We were supposed to go to dinner at the Xxxxxx’s for Dxxxx birthday but Dxxxx had been sick so we didn’t want me to catch anything. The rest of the week was quiet due to heat and pain! Dylan started touch footy on Wednesday and really enjoyed it. Saturday we got Linc his toddler bed after art class. What a mission to get it together! Apart from a disaster nap, he went to sleep in it that night and never got up once. Success!! He came bounding into our room Sunday morning all smiles and so proud of himself!