There's been no secret that since getting my iPhone I've become, shall we say, quite enamoured of Instagram! I love seeing the little snippets of our lives like this, nothing of consequence, nothing grand, just those little things that make up the every day. And I love seeing the same of my friends on Instagram too. Makes me feel connected to their every day.

So in amongst the pages of our yearly album, I'm going to pop a monthly sum up of my Instagram. Some of these photos I won't even keep, but having them here on a page makes me happy that I have kept that small record in time. Err, each month won't contain so many photos, I got a bit carried away when I first got my phone.

Cathy Zielske:
Toothy Neutrals Paper Pack

Ali Edwards:
Hello My Heart Pattern Paper Pack
Celebration Of Life Brushes and Stamps (love)
Amazing Badges Brushes and Stamps

Katie Pertiet:
Blacked Out Alphabet No. 01
Cooked Solids Paper Pack
Striped Cardstock: Golden Rose Value Paper Pack
Color My Love Kit (heart and staples)

Font: Century Gothic

Journalling (on page 2):
it was easy to go a bit nuts, we both got a long awaited iPhone and i discovered instagram. i soon found myself snapping everything in sight and found it so fun seeing snippets of our lives all in one place. nothing grand, nothing overly exciting, just those jigsaw puzzle pieces that make up the every day fabric of the craziness that is the g house. what a fun way to hold our memories so we never forget.