my kids are always asking to get a dog (i suppose all kids do that, right?). there's no way we can have one...but it has been a special treat that at the temporary house we are in this month, the neighbors have a 5-month old chihuahua and have offered to let my kids come take her out to play whenever they want. they are in heaven!!

photo thanks to my sweet husband who took these while i was inside scrapping a different page Smile

journalling:The kids’ dreams have (almost) come true since our home-for-a-month on West Valley Ridge has a neighbor dog . . . named Precious.
Our first few days were in limbo, as Simeon would just wait at the window or take a trip around the yard to see if we were lucky enough to be out when Precious and the kids were out. Then the neighbor let Precious out while the kids were at school . . . and then they told us we could come over and get her anytime. Priceless.
Jordan is beside herself with joy, bouncing around and giggling with every chance she gets to spend with Precious. She literally never stops smiling. She has eyes focused on just one thing . . . she cuddles and kisses and coos and loves. And it is . . . in a word . . . precious.

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