Studio DD Layer Works No. 317
Katie Pertiet Email Inspiration Alpha 4-27-13 freebie
Other fonts: Enchanted Prairiedog, Indy Pimp

This is baby Stormy 2 years ago. I did this because she went missing Sept. 21. UPDATE: After three weeks gone, she came in Oct. 13 at 1:15AM -- I was sleeping on the floor near the slightly open door and heard her peep just outside the door. She's home safely now. I'm going to scrap some more of her.

I'm seeing your comments (thank you!) and want to add, my first submission here is a Layer Works template, not my creativity. I don't yet have the creativity to do the "Designer Digitals style" (as I call it). I just did some modifications here and there. It is a fantastic template. I'm starting to collect them.

Text reads: You are so cute and so funny. You are are such a joy. You light up my life as you play here with my shoelace.