My second entry for the Oct 2013 Guest CT Challenge.

Lest you think this page is political in any way, trust me when I tell you it is not. The story is this...

Actually, the story is pretty well detailed in the journaling; I write about a moment when I realized how much digital scrapbooking has infiltrated my life, my thoughts. It might be time to put scrapping aside for a while.

Perhaps I'll consider that at the conclusion of the October 2013 Guest CT contest.

Or perhaps I'll consider it when I've completed scrapping all of my projects.

Or perhaps I'll consider it when...Ooohhh! Are those new goodies in the store? Smile

Disclaimer: Although the headline I write about was real enough, I added the "Breaking" to it for dramatic purposes. The article that appears in the faux newspaper was written by me and with the exception of Katie's name, is entirely fictional. Katie's name is real, though, and I got permission from her to use it before I posted this page. Thanks, Katie!

Journaling reads:
This is the story of a moment when I realized digital scrapbooking has taken over my life.

Since I started digital scrapbook a few years ago, I have made no secret of how much I enjoy it or of how much time I devote to it, but it's not like I am an addict, right? Right? Oh, sure, there are a few weekends here and there where I never bother to shower or change out of my pajamas because I am all but physically attached to my computer, weekends whose passing is nothing but a big (Gaussian) blur. But surely those can't be considered Lost Weekends, right? I mean, I can quit any time I want! And it's possible that small talk with my friends may have taken a turn for the strange. "You think climbing Half Dome at Yosemite with nothing on hand but a shoelace and a paper clip is a challenge? Wait until you have to select 3 photos, 2 pieces of patterned paper, a button and a ribbon and use it all to scrap a page in 30 minutes or less! Now THAT'S a challenge!" Still, I thought I was holding my own. I thought I had this hobby of mine under control. After all, I'm able to get up in the morning and go to work, I get home at night and have dinner with my husband, I meet up for play dates with my friends, I have other hobbies and interests that I still like doing. A fairly normal life...

What finally got my attention, what finally suggested to me that my hobby might have crossed over into obsession was when I saw the following headline posted at several online news sources in late September 2013: "CNN and NBC to Scrap Projects of Hillary Clinton." What was meant, of course, is that these two TV stations would not be making movies about Ms. Clinton. My very first thought was, "How cool that major TV stations are getting into scrapbooking!" My second thought was "Wow, I seriously need to get out more!" And even then, I still had not hit rock bottom. No, that came with my third thought: "ll bet I can scrap a page about this!" and then there was a fourth thought: "And I'll bet I can write a more interesting story!" and I proceeded to spend the better part of a beautiful fall afternoon using Photoshop to make a newspaper element and then writing the story that I thought should have been written.

What do you think? Is it time for a 12x12 step program?

Hi. I'm Shirley and I'm a Scrapaholic.

(All together now: "Hi, Shirley!")

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Newspaper was scanned in by me and then altered, like, a lot! (There must have been an easier way to do this. Is there a newspaper template in the store?)

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