I should have done this book years ago... Seeing Lynn's pages with her old photos gave me inspiration to finally get started! This book will only be 20 pages, so my friends might actually receive theirs for Xmas...
In October 2008, I met two of my old friends for a girly getaway in NYC. Amy and I went to high school together in Virginia back in 1987-88, and she flew in from West Virginia. Marlene (Malla) and I went to school together in Sweden in the 80's. Now she lives in California with her husband and kids.

"I flew in from Utah, Amy from West Virginia and Marlene from California, to spend a couple of days together in New York City! My flight was late and the others waited for me at JFK. When we approached Manhattan, the sun was already setting and the only photo I have is not a very good one.. checked into the New York Hilton Midtown on 6th Avenue, close to Rockefeller Center. Amy and I shared a room and Malla had one of her own. Malla had arranged for us to meet her friend Ann for dinner and our concierge recommended a tiny Italian place just a couple of blocks from our hotel. We had a great evening! The food, wine and service was excellent and there was constant talking and laughing! I must have been all “photographed out” after the convention in Salt Lake City, because I have only two photos from this first night in NYC - the bad one of Manhattan in the sunset, and one groupshot from dinner..."

"Fade Out & Torn Template Album", "Barcelona March Kit" and "Hint at it no6" by Lynn Grieveson

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