Sweet scrap therapy. (This is a MY CHOICE page)
Do you ever just want to turn the music up and belt it out with all you've got? Remember the movie THE FIRST WIVES CLUB?
No matter why you're singing this song, these lyrics R O C K .

Katie Pertiet:
Lens Flare Photo Frames No1 (turned into a mask)
Color Inspiration 10-17-10
Bursting Words
Scribbling Brushes & Stamps No3
Watery Spots Brushes & Stamps No8
Corby Artsy Painted Accents

Studio DD:
Readymade Journalers Fall No1 (that's the speaker)

Studio DD:
Layer Works No337 (bits and pieces)

Silhouette - clipart

p.s. How about that makeshift speaker? Smile