A few weeks ago, I received our quarterly college news magazine in the mail. After reading it, I took it to the kitchen and sat it down backside up and did a double take. There was my mother and her 1929 women’s basketball team on a full-page photo on the magazine’s back cover! I was thrilled to see the photograph and recognized mother immediately. (She is the cute one with dimples in the center with the ball!) I sort of remember seeing this before, so I went to mother’s old college yearbooks and found it and the small one of her too. I am trying to identify the other girls in the photograph to send to Tech for their archives.

Journaling: Mother had played basketball in high school and became the team captain at 19 years old when she began college at Tennessee Tech in 1929. Mother was a wonderful athlete during her youth I have heard. She was also the captain the college women’s tennis team for several years too.

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