Last week - and it was a shocker! Lots of tears and lots of pain. Thankfully though after 3 treatments on my back in 5 days I have had some relief. I'll be sore for the rest of the pregnancy and needing treatment once a week but I can move again! YAY!! And the last 2 nights I have slept! Double YAY!! And I have avoided a trip to the hospital. Triple YAY!! LOL! I really don't want to be 'visiting' hospital for any length of time until it's time to meet this precious little bundle. Wink

Thanks for looking. Smile

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Journaling: The new carpet got installed this week! Her room is really starting to come together! We have her furniture sorted; now it's time to decorate! I'm on the hunt for a new light fitting now! I made an appointment to see a chiropractor about my back. Just as well I did as he said it would have got worse very quickly and I would have found myself in hospital. I will need x-rays after she is born and it won‘t go away before she is born but hopefully we will get it managed. I spent my Saturday morning at pathology having another 3hr glucose test. That should be the end of those!