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FONT: Splendid 66, Bebas, Architechts Daughter
JOURNALING: He Said: "Thank You!!!!" This is what Linc said when the carpet man came to tell me he had finished installing the carpet in Miss Poppy’s room. We love seeing his manners shine through and are working on 'Please’ and ‘You’re welcome’ at the moment.
25/09 - The carpet was installed in Poppy's room and Lincoln decided he would move in! HA! We love how it turned out! I can't wait to decorate!
What a week! The carpet was installed in Poppy’s room and we can’t wait now until after she’s born and we can carpet the rest of the rooms. I just can’t handle a big project like that while I am pregnant. I saw a chiropractor about my back - it was worse than I realised. I spent my Saturday morning at pathology having another glucose tolerance test then we grabbed some lunch and headed home to relax before Linc’s art class. Sunday we headed to Masters to look at light fittings but didn’t see anything I really loved. A quick trip to Target and home we went!
LOL: Bandit was carrying on outside and I looked out the window to see him chasing a big huntsman on the patio. I knew how this was going to end and sure enough, it bit him on the nose!
Back Pain: By Thursday I was in terrible pain and booked my own appt with a chiropractor. He was glad I did as he said if it had been left go much longer I’d have been hospitalised for the last 4 weeks of the pregnancy at least. My sacroiliac joint had separated from my spine and was pushing on the sciatic nerve. Thus we began treatment to manage it! I am hoping and praying my body holds out until she is born!