My first entry for the October 2013 Guest CT Contest. I think this will be one of my "dealer's choice" pages. These kinds of contests frankly scare the life out of me, but you can't win if you don't play, so I'm in!

I've talked before about how my mom left me boxes and boxes of memorabilia when she passed--old photos and newspaper clippings, theater tickets and match books, pressed flowers and dance cards. Most of the pictures have stories that I will never know; she rarely wrote anything on the back of her photos, not even a date in most cases, so when I stumbled upon this gem--a photo of two of my younger sisters--I was overjoyed, as I thought I knew the story. Turns out, maybe not. Read on...

Journaling reads:
"A Halloween tale, a secret revealed, a mother's love. The story is this...For the Halloween of my 10th year, I got it into my head that I should put together a haunted house, complete with howling ghosts, flying bats and scary monsters. To make a haunted house, one first needs a house, but I thought I had that problem all solved. I mean, we lived in a house, right? And who could argue with living in a haunted house for Halloween? Well, I soon found out. Mom got wind of my plans (probably about the time I took her best white bedsheets to make the ghosts, or maybe it was when she found the pot of green goo I mixed up in her favorite salad bowl...) and put her foot down. There was to be no haunted house, but I could decorate the den. A haunted den? Really? That was hardly the scale I wanted, but it was a take" it or leave it" deal. Sigh. We do what we can with what we have, so off I went to make a haunted den. You two really wanted to help, but I shut the door and locked you out, saying that you could see it all when I was finished. It took me what seemed like hours, but finally I was ready for customers. The bedsheets draped over hangers were perfect as ghosts, the portable fan was giving wing to my paper mache bats, and Dad's tape recorder was playing the appropriate scary background noises. Mom even got into the spirit of things by making spice cookies I could serve as treats. I tried so hard to be casual about it all, but I would have been utterly crestfallen if no one was frightened when they walked into the haunted den, so your reactions were perfect and priceless and had me insufferably pleased with myself for days. I hadn't known Mom even took this picture until years later, after she had passed. I found it when I was going through the boxes of memorabilia she left me. I was so excited to show it to the two of you but when I did so you both looked at each other and laughed. Turns out Mom had told you to act frightened even if you weren't! We all teared up, thinking how very like her that was, but even now I'd like to think that maybe you were just a little bit afraid!"

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