It was a week filled with a lot of unexpected events. Big events and small events. I finally got a new cotton bathmat after a lot, a lot, of looking. I’d still like the old fashioned kind. Judy came over for catchup & we shared our dismay at our studio clutter. She felt better seeing mine. The joy of having the housecleaners come. After seeing last week’s car fire, ambulances on our street took our breath away. They also took someone away on a stretcher. I got my flu shot at the Senior Center & came home with a packet of Twizzlers! A beautiful full moon in a pastel sky. I wanted to get the pigeon on the wires also but I was still learning IOS7. I voted but Dick did not make his election judge position because he came down with shingles. The antibiotics would be a part of his life for two weeks. We did have a good dinner at Chris’s and I made Dick a batch of kedgeree. It didn’t help with the shingles pain but at least his belly was happy. It was rather a stressful week but at least the clean house and the visit from Judy made it bearable for me. Unfortunately, neither of those helped Dick much.

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