This is for the Guest CT/ITunes Challenge I used the red paper in the freebie for this challenge… with a blending mode of Multiply with Katies Pocket Pages …. It was just what the page needed!!! Thanks Katie for the freebie and the Scarlet Pocket Pages…

Just a few days ago the quarterly sale was on …. I was happily waiting to go to the library with my mom to and then to enjoy the challenges…. And then my Aunt called…. PS Most of the photos are from the internet…. Mine is of my Aunt and the one with the photographer….. I blended him in he may be out of scale a bit but I wanted to remember him…. I wonder if he’s the one who took the photos …I’d like to think so….

“Debbie – can you be ready in 30 minutes? I have a free ticket for the Ohio State game – the game starts at 12….I’m on my way”
“ sure can Dodie… Moms on her way but I’ll cancel my plans – I’d LOVE to go!!!”

Words can’t describe seeing my first Ohio State game live in person!

Spending the day with my Aunt Dodie made it a perfect memory shared!

Classic Cardstock: Into the Night
Pocket Pages Layered Templates No. 11
Pocket Pages Scarlett Complete Collection
Grid Iron Brushes and Stamps
& the Itunes Challenge Freebie Red Paper Thank you Katie