I've had trouble sleeping lately so I've been journaling in a notebook when I can't nod off. It has been a rather interesting exercise. Re-reading some of the things I've written lately has been amusing - some of it I can't for the life of me understand! HA! This is one of the entries that DID make sense.. Wink

Thanks for looking. Smile

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Font: Splendid 66, Signerica Fat
Journaling: Journaling thoughts at 10.43pm so I can empty my brain and attempt sleep. Filling tomorrow’s to do list knowing full well that it’s unachievable. Realising I’ve forgotten to brush my teeth and adding to my mental swear jar because I have finally got comfortable and now I have to get back up. Enjoying the cool breeze from the fan and wishing it was like that during the day! Brain is finally blank. Body is exhausted. Hoping sleep comes easily tonight. 22 September 2013