What a fun challenge on the DD blog! Sports! WooHoo! Could there be a better challenge? Wink! Wink! And yes... surprisingly, I didn't do a soccer layout! LOL

The day after we arrived in Minnesota, we attended the season opener football game at the UM stadium! It was really exciting for me to be at a college football game again... I can vividly remember the excitement of game day and the packed stands at the Rose Bowl... light blue and gold whichever way you looked! And, this game was no different! Well, except for the light blue of UCLA was
replaced with the maroon of the University of Minnesota! (hahaha) And yes, we both were sporting our 'Golden Gopher' tee shirts and cheered the team on to victory! For the first half, you joined all the other UM students in the student section, but were able to join me at half time... thanks to the person next to me who never showed up so the seat was empty! My seat was great... about 10 rows off the field and to the right of the student section... close enough to pick you out in the crowd (you were seated under the '1938