Well, now that my girls have become young adults, they are starting to confess to a few things they did in their childhood. It is quite funny!! So I thought I'd scrap them as they make their confessions! It will be all out of order, so I've made up a random number for my first one...
The back story to this is that when the girls were very little they had a few meager sets of LEGO and they were always fighting over pieces. So I bought bulk lots of LEGO on ebay with heaps of girly bits thinking that would solve the problem. Not so!
Oh, and the chalk rainbow is one we found that she'd drawn on the old chalkboard from years ago!
journaling: I used to have this favorite LEGO piece and I didn’t want Amy and Megan to get it so I hid it in the lid of the LEGO box.
But I forgot where it was and I couldn’t find it for ages.
One day Nicole was over for a play and Megan was helping with the LEGO. She found it and said “Oh here it is!” but then she wouldn’t give it back to me. I tried to grab it and then I accidentally hit her on the ear. She went crying to Mum. So Mum made me sit next to her feet on the floor in the loungeroom which made me really cross because I wanted to play LEGO with Nicole!

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