Eek! A week behind! So I kept this one simple. Now for last week..

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Font: Splendid 66, Bebas
Journaling: BUG SURGERY: Somehow, Bandit got hold of Linc’s snuggly - ‘Bug’. He not only got a hold of it, he disembowelled it and ripped it to pieces. I nearly passed out when I found the scene of the crime (along with a guilty beagle covered in stuffing!). I quickly set about doing some emergency surgery. Of course, Linc found me in the middle of that, took one look at Bug and assumed I was the attacker! He got so mad at me and burst into tears. Bandit was not a popular beagle after that!

THIS WEEK: I finished de-junking Poppy’s room this week! Yahoo! Next weekend we paint! We still can’t seem to decide on paint colours though. I had a check up with my Dr. and all looks like it’s going well, which is good. My BP remains perfect. I started toilet training for Linc. I chose the wrong day it seems and was so distracted with a naughty, barking beagle. Linc will happily sit on the toilet and the potty but won’t do anything there. We had accidents happen every time I was distracted with the dog. I decided to wait a couple more weeks for a weekend when we have nothing on and Dylan will be home to help me with Linc and the dog. Bandit hurt his foot this week trying to dig under the fence to get to his girlfriend next door. Umm, Bandit? You can’t dig through concrete, mate! It was just bruised but he had a little limp for a few days. Saturday morning we had planned to go to the beach but I had really bad pain so we went out for brunch instead and tried somewhere new. It was yummy - and Linc wanted to try my melt which was a first for him! Sunday afternoon we skyped with Grandad W in Perth for nearly 2 hours! Linc’s face lit up the minute he saw Grandad on the screen! It was too cute!

SPIDER INCIDENT: 14/09 - Lincoln and I were sitting on the floor playing cars when next minute a huntsman spider ran across the floor, over Lincoln’s leg and then under the bed.... and then disappeared! Why do they always disappear under the bed? Dylan was still asleep in said bed when this happened. That was until I screamed, and took off out of the room with Linc. Lucky for me, the spider came back out! Linc and Dylan thought the whole thing was hilarious! Me? Not so much....
16 sep - Bandit is always a happy dog when he's rolling in something. The smellier to better! And always after his bath!! Oh well, he smelled nice for about 2 minutes!