I started this several days ago for the Story Challenge and will admit I had trouble settling on where to go with the word. My thoughts kept going to moment with family and friends and they were all precious.
So many things are precious - family and people in our lives; things that are irreplaceable treasures; and the list goes on! But as I get older I find the moments have become more precious. Not just the big event moments, but the little, seemingly insignificant, ordinary moments. Moments like a quiet evening of watching old black & white westerns with David. Moments like having lunch with scrapping friends. Moments spent with our children and grands. Moments like the one pictured here. David is a “muncher” and eats smaller portions through the day. He will often have a handful or two of cereal in a bowl. The grands love to hop on Grampy’s lap and share his treats. It’s just an ordinary moment. Not an earth-shattering moment - unless you are the Grampy!
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