The first of many 'he said' pages. Smile Thankfully I email his Daddy and Grandparents everytime something new or funny comes out and I at least have it recorded somewhere. lol.

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Journaling: Your speech is now starting to explode, my Son and it’s so wonderful to hear! We were worried about you having a delay but a few doctors now have told us to give you time. And they were right. Of course they were, you have always done everything in your own time. This is no exception. You are spitting out new words and sentences on a daily basis and I can only hope to capture even a fraction of what you say at the moment. It’s music to our ears. Talk as much as you like, beautiful boy!
‘Andit! ’Andit! No dog! Down, ‘Andit! Shhh!! ‘Andit Move! - It would seem that you have been paying too much attention to your Mummy. You leave the ’b’ off ‘Bandit’ and it always comes out ‘Andit. Quite often, first thing in the morning we will hear you say “’lo ‘Andit!”
‘Sank Choo’ - Or more to the point - ‘Thank You’. We have always made sure we say that whenever we give you something and one day you just started saying it of your own accord. It’s music to your Mumma’s ears! I just love your good manners!
‘Ed’ ‘Eeen’ ‘Ooo’ ‘Ello’ ‘Ack’ ‘Urple’ ‘Orish’ - Red, green, blue, yellow, black, purple, orange. You prefer to say green though and so sometimes you call all colours ‘eeen’.
‘I Did It!’ - Whenever you do something you think is quite clever, your fists go in the air and this comes out.

Counting - You can count from 1-10 and backwards from 5-1. You have also said ‘Waan Hunda’ (100) and Waan-ty’ (20). Your numbers come out ‘Waan’ ‘Ooo’ ‘Eee’ ‘Or’ ‘Eye’ ‘Shix’ ‘Sev’ ‘Ate-ch’ ‘Eye-n’ ‘En’. You are now working on your ABC’s as well and know A-G.