Some photos just scream "Cathy Z." Her graphic style is fabulous and it was fun to learn some tips and tricks from her in the chat. :O)

Now, I'm going to share my journaling with you girls, but please don't send me hate mail (Linda, Amy, etc....) lol

I’m not a football fan. Sure, I watch the Super Bowl, but that’s a social event. I went to the games in high school because my friends all went and there were always cute guys there. I like the band and how they can always get the crowd going, but as far as the game goes, I haven’t a clue. But ... (there’s always a “but” with me), Every night during the fall, while walking the dogs I can’t keep my eyes off the kids on the practice field. They are silhouetted against a setting sun and it’s like something out of a movie. There are stories in these images; goals, setbacks, success, memories. I guess I don’t have to like football to like football.

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