This never happens to me! No, I mean this never happens to me! It only took me about a hour to do this page! I am such a slooooowwww scrapper; I seriously overthink each detail. Something about this challenge and the freebie template just clicked, I guess, 'cause the template seemed tailor-made for this photo of the Grand Canyon (well, one small part of the Grand Canyon!) we took on our Fall 2012 Road Trip. (Now I'm down to <6000 photos for that trip to sort and scrap! I'll have this project done in another 10 years!)

It is not called the "Grand Canyon" for nothin.' It is truly grand, almost too big to wrap my mind around. I was content to get glimpses of its grandeur on the several day hikes we took during our stay at the North Rim. The pictures and the story on this page are of one such hike.

Journaling reads:
"Our second hike of the day was the Widforss Trail, a 5-mile (one-way) hike that meanders up and down through the forest and eventually opens up onto the Transept, a large tributary of Bright Angel Canyon. There are informative markers--14 of them--that end at the Sculpture Rocks, so we decided to hike that far and then turn around. What a wonderful hike! The views were breathtaking. It seemed each time we rounded a bend in the trail we were treated to the most spectacular views of the canyon gorge framed in autumnal aspens all dressed up for fall, each view more marvelous than the last. When we reached the Sculpture Rocks we made our way out to the edge of a ledge and just sat for a while, drinking it all in."

Katie Pertiet
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