Understandably, I have been receiving less and less photos from you since rotations started. Your days are filled with seeing and observing patients with your attending physician. Your nights are filled with writing up papers and studying for Step 2 of the Medical Licensing Exam.
However, this past week, you started your surgery rotation and would be scrubbing in and observing quite a few surgeries. I shot you a text on the morning of the first surgery, wished you good luck, and asked to let me know how it went when you had a minute. Later in the day, I received a message, with this photo of you while you were waiting to go into the second surgery. Needless to say, you thought it was awesome. You have your serious, I am concentrating look on your face, which I have seen many times before.
As each month goes by, you are becoming closer and closer to fulfilling your dream of becoming a physician. It makes me proud.

Cathy Zielske
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