I was in the mood for clean and simple. Life has seemed too full lately. This is a blog post fleshed out.

When we renovated our kitchen, I knew I wanted soapstone for the counters. I loved the idea of having a counter top that would not have the glare of granite, that would allow me to take a pan straight from the oven and put it on the counter and would resist most any stain. Soapstone wasn’t common and I had to push hard to get my choice. I’ve never regretted it. The only maintenance is oiling it periodically with mineral oil. Change of season reminds me to oil my counters. Oh when I do it, I always wonder why I don't do it more often? Probably because one of the residents of this house is always eating a meal or needing one cooked. I set limits on his eating the other night! Now my counters look dreamy & sophisticated. A very good choice, I think.

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