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Journaling - Kyle is becoming quite the character. He has recently mastered how to use the word “Hi” and never misses a chance to try it out. He says “Hi” to anyone he sees (whose name he knows) and will say it again if the person leaves the room and then comes back. His favorite person to say “Hi” to is Daddy, but he will also see a neighbor out the window and start saying “Hi” even though the person can’t hear him. When we see Sam on our walks he says “Hi Sam” and especially likes saying “Hi” to Velvet the Cat whenever she comes out. Kyle still LOVES to play at the door. In and out, in and out. He can reach the doorbell now so he will either ring that or knock and then go in and out again. Kyle is beginning to show more of an opinion and has had some huge tantrums to demonstrate that change. For the most part though he is a very content two year old, can keep himself entertained for long periods of time and keeps me company on my runs, sitting quietly in the stroller. It is getting a little harder to feed Kyle as his tastes are changing a bit, but mix up a fruit smoothie and we’re good to go!

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