Corby Complete Scrapbooking Collection
Ticketed Sentiments No. 01
Readymade Borders: Rainbow No. 01
Plastic Alphabet: Green No. 01

I think to tell the story well, I first must let you know a little about my husband. His inner child lies very close to the surface. He still loves pranks, explosions and most things that your average 12 year old would. There’s three parts to the story. I’ll start with the second.
2. Mark decided to make pickles for the first time (nothing impish about that, he had lots of cucumbers and just decided to give it a go.) He was quite happy that it was so easy. All he needed was vinegar, sugar & pickling mix.
3. Mark and Josh (the actual 12 year old in the house) watched Youtube videos that featured chemical reactions. Tried out a few and were disappointed that none of them worked. Mark decided to go for the standard of baking soda and vinegar. Only that didn’t work either. Why? Let me tell you the first part.
1. Mark called all the boys in a few weeks prior and asked them if they dared him to drink a container of vinegar. He then proceeded to guzzle it down. Unbeknownst to his audience, he’d swapped the vinegar in the container for water beforehand. After he swapped it though, he inadvertently put the rest of the container back on the shelf, still half full of water. This explained why the chemical reaction didn’t work and why his pickles won’t be quite pickled. Looks like the prankster tricked himself this time.