I have a number of unfinished Story Scrapbook challenges and I've come to the conclusion I just over think these challenges because of the journaling. So this time I just went with the flow, went with the first idea that came to mind after seeing the word precious and ended up with just journaling Smile TFL!

Journaling reads: Precious time.
It’s fleeting and irreplaceable. I was always given the advice to enjoy my kids since they grow so fast. I never really comprehended what that meant then but I did make choices and the effort to spend time with them. Often enough, life took over, but I would always regroup and bring my focus back to my children. And here I am today with my 20 year old and 17 year old and I’m so happy that I was blessed with the opportunity to be there for them through all these years. They both continue to follow their life paths and I continue to savor all these moments with them. And, yes, time continues to fly by. Precious time.

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