Here is my take on the latest color spot challenge. Thanks, Melissa! This was fun!

This is one of the many, many photos I took on our month-long fall 2012 road trip. I wasn't sure how to scrap it, since there is no real focal point in the photo (although in all honesty I don't usually let a little thing like poor photo quality keep me from scrapping a picture! Smile ) We were exploring Albuquerque Old Town and I saw some very colorful miniature hot air balloons hanging outside a store front. As I was looking for the best angle from which to get a shot of the balloons, I noticed my best beloved across the street and my camera, almost of its own accord, swiveled around so as to include him in the photo. I did eventually get some decent pictures of the little balloons, but I like this picture the best of the ones I took, just 'cause Mr. Squeak is in it, and it's nice to have some visual proof that we were really at a certain place!

Katie Pertiet
Classic Curled Photo Frames No. 02
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