The samples for the SSL were fabulous. I played around with the ideas and finally turned things around. These are summer shots of Ellie. I really tried to get some cutesie, sweet, adorable look photos of Ellie. But at 3 ½ years old it was mostly silliness!

Sweet little silly girl! Your moments are filled with fun, laughter, snuggling and cuddling. Everyday is a new adventure for you with so much to learn and discover. I hope you never lose your sunny disposition and happy attitude. I hope you ¬always know that you are loved!

Fading Woods Paper Pack No. 02
Frosted Winter Kit
Vintage Photo Frames No. 30
Mixed Stacks Brushes and Stamps No. 02
Winter Woods Kit
Frame Hangers No. 01
Creswell Element Pack
So Totally Happy Brushes and Stamps
Color Inspiration 06 18 11 - Katie Pertiet