A little scrap therapy for me. Still working through this whole situation. Thanks so much for the challenge, Carol.

Mogley and Toby became best of friends almost immediately after Toby came to live with us. Even though there was a seven year difference in age, they got along so well. There were many wrestling matches, lots of running and chasing through the house and of course, many, many naps together.
As Mogley became less active in his older years, Toby would still lay with him on the bed, give him a bath periodically and just hang out with him in the sun.
When we lost Mogley in August, I wasn’t sure how Toby would react. Having our other cat, Dempsey to play with helped, so I thought.
However, eleven days after Mogely’s passing, Toby passed away in his sleep. I will never know if his kidney disease finally got the best of him or if he just died of a broken heart. I do know that they are now together and I hope they are having moments like this. I have many of these sweet, precious photos of the two of them together. I will cherish them forever. Sleep well little men. We miss you dearly.

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