Yup, I'm another one who just had to try this technique!

The story is this...

Yesterday (Wednesday) I should have been working. It was a work day after all! However, I found myself with a couple of minutes to kill, waiting for a buzzer to go off and tell me to move on to the next step of a lengthy experiment I was working on, so I thought I'd drop in on the DD forum and see what's new. Huge mistake--HUGE! I happened upon Lorna's query about the technique used to make transparent letters on a page, and, well, I just had to try it. No, I mean I had to try it right then and there! It looked awesome! Experiment be damned! (Shh! Don't tell my boss I had such a heretical thought!)

I eventually got both the page and the experiment completed, and I think the experiment even worked! Good thing, too, 'cause I'm fairly certain that had it failed I would not have been able to explain to my boss why I allowed that to happen!

"Um, well, there's a digital scrapbooking site I hang out at..."

"I was trying to figure out a cool Photoshop technique."

"Look! See how the letters are transparent, allowing the photo underneath to show through! Pretty cool, huh?"

Nope. No good way to say any of this. Smile

The photo is one Peter took of me while he and I were hiking the Narrows, a river canyon in Zion National Park. Breathtaking views, but one can feel mighty small when looking up those tall canyon walls!

Lorna, thanks for getting that great discussion going and your page turned out great!!!

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Beneath Walls Paper Pack No. 01

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