Labor Day
My family decided- at the last minute-to have an "end of summer" picnic in my backyard on the, boating, music, swimming in my neighbor's pool, grilling, badminton. There was one teensy little snag, however...a large beehive right next to and under my deck, with 70-100 swarming & angry bees. I guess they had their own idea of how to celebrate Labor Day & we weren't in it. There was no safe way in or out. (These photos were taken safely from inside my screenhouse after I was chased & stung 4 times.) So what did the "men" decide to do? Burn them, of course. And they did....right through my deck. (The tall one on the left is a firefighter. He called it "a safe burn"! Success. We had a lovely day & evening, ending with sweet S'Mores over the firepit-minus the bees of course!