I played along with Debi today for her Blog post for the 3 Scrappers challenge. Terrific choices for kits to choose from, Debi!

Journaling: My Uncle Paul & Aunt Jinny were two of the most important people in my life. They lived about two hours away from us . . . visited us often and invited me and my “cousins” from the Haile side of the family to spend time with them at their home on the lake each summer. This summer in 1957 they asked my best friend Rose Leigh to spend a week with them too. I can still remember the fun we had while there. And, I will never forget he fried fish that Aunt Jinny cooked and the hush puppies that Uncle Paul added to our suppers. He let us fish from his old rowboat, which he tied to the dock. Looks like his darling Pudge joined on this afternoon too. We probably mostly caught Brim and Bluegills . . . I’m sure that Uncle Paul tried to get us to clean them for frying for our supper . . . I doubt that I helped, but I’m sure that Rose Leigh was in her element and learned quickly. Uncle Paul taught Rose Leigh to water ski that week . . . just as he taught me a few summers earlier.

P.S. These two photos are brand new to me . . . on a recent visit to my hometown I spent a reunion week with many of my oldest & best friends. We had so much fun looking at old photographs . . . Rose Leigh had taken her camera to the lake and had my uncle take these photos! I am thrilled to have copies of them. What a treat to see them for the very first time after all of these 56 years!!

I am the one standing up in the boat. My best friend, Rose Leigh and I were 12 years old that golden summer . . . and as always we had fabulous summers no matter what we did or where we were! When we went out in the lake we always our big old bulky orange life jackets, which we hated, but Uncle Paul insisted upon. And, as a note . . . this old rowboat was names "old suicide" because it had a bad leak in the bottom. Uncle Paul would initiate all new comers by sending them out in Suicide with a paddle and a life jacket and then would laugh when the boat would begin sinking!!!

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