The first day in Europe, where I spent a few months travelling around and living in our car

The day we had been working for and planning for finally arrived. Nicknamed E-Day - the day we would set sail for Europe. With all that had been going on I wasn’t as excited as I thought I’d be but it was still great to be on the way. We woke at 5am and drove down to the coast, where we had a final reorganise of Mary the car (panickingthat she was overloaded so throwing out a few books and other things). Then onto the ferry at Newhaven. We drove through Normandy, pointing out the half-timbered houses and old farm buildings. The plan was to camp at Rouen, but we couldn’t find the campground and ended up carrying on to the small town of Vernon where we succumbed to a night in a pension (above a Vietnamese restaurant) for the first and last time.

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