This is the last page of my 2012 P52 book!!!!!! It is done and ordered…just in time for to use the coupon! YAY for me!!

Journaling reads:
Memories are marked by dates, places and events……some good and some bad. 2012 had all those ingredients to go down in the Patterson history book. After an incredible moisture year in 2011; drought reminded us what it was all about in 2012. No hay, little grass and water, day after day of 100 degree temperatures and unending fires.

Two girls joined our ranks this year; they expanded our family, changed lives and captured our hearts. Clara Jane Patterson was born May 2nd and made Parents out of Tom and Corinne, Grand Parents out of John and me and Mark an Uncle. I believe the synonym for “Baby” should be “Love,” for nothing on earth creates more emotion than a child. Mark’s marriage to Julie Hogemark was exciting, fun and beautiful. She tipped the scale for girls in our family for the first time and we are all proud to have her.

Simply put 2012 was quite a year!

This is a CASE (copy & scrap exactly) of Carolee's "Book of Wisdom". Thanks to Carolee for her help and inspiration.

Book of Wisdom

Katie Pertiet:
Classic Cardstock: Snow Fun
Color Inspiration 9.1.12 White paper
Chalkboard Wings Subtle Solids Paper Pack
Wire Rimmed Charmed Alpha No. 01
Catana Element Pack branch
Sweet Rose Bay Element Packred flower
Pinned: Enamel Stars No. 01

Ali Edwards:
What Life Looks Like Brushes and Stamps
Capturing 2010-2012 Brushes and Stamps

Font: Function

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