...it may seem like it is Groundhog day, but in reality, it is just another LO about my effort to stain the outside of my cottage. Repairs to the wall outside the front bedroom took me longer than I had anticipated (stupid woodpecker!) and then, incredulously, it started to rain. It wasn't forecast! I was shocked, how could they miss rain?! AND I had to stop, as I am using a water based stain. After a couple of hours worrying about whether the stain would be washed off by the now torrential rain, the sun came out and everything was fine. Cue rainbows! I waited for a sunny day and was finally able to complete the job. In case anyone(else) is counting, that means that I only have ONE wall left to go! (and therefore, only one more LO to produce!)

KPertiet-Catana Solids, fastened frames no 4, touch up paint no 5, taped together overlays, splatters no 3, wooden alpha no 15

LGrieveson-handyman elements