Nope, you are not having a flash back! You have seen this LO before, sort of! I am trying to keep these pages the same. I finished staining the back wall of the cottage, utility porch on the right and bedroom on the left. The ground drops away to the left of the screen door and also slopes toward the cottage. That made it extremely hard to position the ladders safely...and I admit, I spent some time cursing a borrowed ladder and it's unsecurable paint tray (which hit me in the head almost every single time that I moved the ladder). Don't they say that smart people don't make the same mistake twice? Anyway, to my credit, I never fell off the ladder (knocking on wood here, not done yet) but I did drop the ladder on myself, twice...well, I tripped while carrying it once and the extension ladder which I had placed on it's side on the ground, fell over and whacked me on the know, a sneak attack! So, all this to say that I am half way there!

KPertiet-Catana Solids, fastened frames no 4, touch up paint no 5, taped together overlays, splatters no 3, wooden alpha no 15

LGrieveson-handyman elements