This is almost the same as a page I did for Lincoln’s baby album about his name. I started this over a month ago, got the journaling down and then forgot to finish it! Ooops! Lynn’s gorgeous new kit and Katie’s new chalk alpha (love it!!) were perfect to finish it!

Thanks for looking. Smile

Julia Mini-Kit
Chalkboard Alphabet No. 05
Clean Stitched Borders: White No. 01
Taffy Mini-Kit (background paper)
Wire Rimmed Charmed Alpha No. 01

Font: Splendid 66, Bebas
Journaling: We decided on your name the week we found out we were expecting you, baby girl. I was 4 weeks and 4 days pregnant and I had been telling your Daddy how I had read that you were so little and only the size of a poppyseed. He immediately turned and said to me, "How would you like to call her Poppy if she’s a girl?” I fell in love with your name immediately and you have been our little Poppyseed ever since. You have also been our Jellybean, Jellymelon, Baby Girl and Little Miss Muffet too. Most often though people seem to call you Poppy-Belle. It is a nickname I truly love. You share your middle name, Isabelle, with Nana W. We wanted you to have Nana’s middle name from Mummy’s side of the family as your big brother shares his middle name with Grandad W on Daddy’s side. We never could think of a boy’s name. The closest we got was Thomas but we just could not picture you as a boy. We took it as a sign you were a girl and decided to worry about boys names only if we had to. It was all meant to be.