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As I go through all the wealth of family documents and pictures I have accumulated, I cannot help but wonder, how will future generations know us as we move to keeping everything on computers or cell phones?

Journaling: I am the family chronologer but who will tell my story? I have captured the “grandfather tales,” noted the grandmother reminiscences, sorted the fact from fiction. But who will tell my story? My 5 times great grandmother immigrated to America at age 64; my great, great uncle was a judge on the Scopes Monkey trial appeal; my great, great grandfather (a Baptist minister ) stopped his sermon in “mid-preach” to send the congregation (or at least the men) on a Comanche hunt. My father caught a fish that was wearing sunglasses. But who will tell my story?
In the digital age we do not write letters. How will the next generations know our hopes, dreams, triumphs and tragedies like we know those of our ancestors? We post our most intimate thoughts on social media (scary really) but will Facebook still be here in 2089? We text and slowly our written language evolves to have no vowels. And who will tell my story. We send electronic valentines. How will our great, great grandchildren know how much I loved you?
Who will remember that I enjoyed photography, loved to travel to the wilderness places in the US and the cities of Europe, loved my dogs and took up agility when my knees were saying to me that I was crazy? Will anyone know that iris were my favorite flowers; that I got a picture of a hummingbird where every feather is in focus; that there is one child (now grown and likely with children of her own) who is alive today because I was her caseworker? Will someone keep my writing, my journals, my scrapbooks? Or will they grace some dump or landfill because the generation who might come hunting for me and would be fascinated by the trivia of my life has not yet been born? Yes, who will tell MY story?

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