Certainly not where I was headed when I began - but that's what happens sometimes!! I created this for the Saturday Scraplift. It is a challenge to scraplift one of my own without pulling out the original and popping in new photos. But I suppose that wouldn't be "legal" LOL!!

I love the way Ellie and Gracie get along so well. Renee said that Ellie misses Gracie when she takes her naps! When we were there last week I wanted to get shots of the two of them together and had them both on the couch trying to get just a simple, cute picture. As soon as I told Ellie to put her arm around Gracie it was over - from that point on it was bodies going every direction as they each tried to get their arms around the others neck! Great entertainment but the photo op was over!!

Autumnal Artistry Kit
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