I still occasionally do an "all about me" page to put in the book that I haven't quite finished. Someday my kids will each get a copy!

My son says that I never do anything halfway..that I do it 200%. I think he is right!

The journaling says:

My love affair with football started in 1980. Cliff was watching football (as usual, which I hated!) and I sat down and started asking him questions, “why’d they throw the flag?” What do you mean by “downs”? Why are they kicking? etc. etc. He got angry with me and told me that he wasn’t going to tell me anything more because I’d never learn anything about football. Well, the gauntlet was thrown down. The challenge was on! So I started watching football every time the Seahawks were on. Then one day I was yelling at Dave Kreig for being sacked and realized that Cliff wasn’t in the room. I asked the kids where he was, and they told me that he had left over an hour ago with Wally. At that moment I knew I was hooked! I was watching football all alone! That led to season tickets and a tattoo. Well, you could say that now I am a Seahawk FANatic!!! Steve Largent was always my favorite. I was sad when he retired. But every year I have a new favorite. I will always be a fan, whether
they are winning or losing!

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