Where I lived in London in the 1980s.
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While we were in Darlington we got a call to say that a space had come up in the Hammersmith house that XXs cousin lived in. If we wanted we could share a one bedroom flat in the house with another recent kiwi arrival. The house was owned by an Irish woman, Mrs XXXX, who lived down an adjacent street. Once a week we would go to her house to pay her the rent, while her husband sat in the kitchen in his singlet with his bottle of beer. Mrs xx owned several houses around Brook Green, although I think she was still working as a cleaning lady. She liked renting to travelling Australians and New Zealanders because they moved on frequently, allowing her to raise the rents (because at the time you could not raise the rent of a sitting tenant).We were just relieved to have been saved the ordeal of flat hunting, even though the first flat was far from ideal. Our “flatmate” took the large front bedroom (previously occupied by three Japanese girls) while we strung a makeshift curtain to separate his quarters from the tiny living area (where we slept) and the kitchen. He lived on takeaways and we shared the toilet and shower that was in the main hallway. We rarely set eyes on him. There was a garden out back but it was so overgrown and full of rubbish you couldn’t get into it. I lost several socks to the resident rat who would nibble holes in them overnight. After a few months we got the chance to move into another one bedroom flat at the back of the house, which felt like a palace in comparison (apart from the noise from the oil rig worker upstairs who would come back on leave, get drunk and crank up his stereo - until I went upstairs one day and yelled at him).