Where I lived in London in the 1980s.
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I googled the house at Brook Green years later and discovered it sold in 2012 for £2 million. It WAS a great street, with the green in the middle and St Paulís girls school on the other side, and situated between Hammersmith and Kensington High Street. I would often walk to Kensington, often just to sit and read in Holland Park. It was there I saw Paul Weller (from The Jam) with his girlfriend and baby and Mick Jagger, who was jogging with his bodyguard and waved to the woman sitting on the bench with me when she called out ďHi MickĒ. I imagine their living conditions were immeasurably better than ours! But I didnít really care. The flat was just a place to eat and sleep in between working and exploring London.