Katie has a new template set coming out and (once again) I am in LOVE! All I did was add my photo and make a few blending adjustments.

I do enjoy the flowers and their colors of summer, but for me they tend to all blend together. There is a transition period, however where summer is fading out and fall is just around the corner - THIS is my favorite time of year. It’s change; and I need change in my life to stay inspired, to stay intrigued, to stay happy. Flowers are beautiful to photograph, but I think they are even more beautiful when they are at the end of their season. Their colors seem richer to me even though they are fading and their textures are so artistic. The breeze that blows them only seems to add to their beauty - the transition blurred ever so slightly.

Katie Pertiet:
Instant Memories Layered Template Scrap Pack No. 01
Lynn Grieveson: Smart Cookie Kit