Journaling reads:
It started out as a simple job....changing the tires on the Steiger to a more standard size. We gathered 8 “new” used tires from across the country, but mostly South Dakota. We needed to remove the outside duals so we could change the inside tires to the new size first. John and Mark jacked up the inside tires and assumed it would be a quick and easy job. It was a 90 degree day and things went south very quickly. The band that holds the duals together was totally rusted shut. They used lubricant, sledge hammers, lifting with the skid steer and after almost 3 hours in the 90 degree sun...they had all but given up. They came in for a late lunch and their arms were tired from swinging the heavy sledge hammer and John had smashed his finger to a bloody mess. After resting for awhile they decided to go back out and give it one more try. Mark asked Julie to come with them to take a look at the tire to make sure they hadn’t overlooked a bolt or something that was locking the rim to the band. She took a quick look at the situation and said......”It sort of looks like what happens when I can’t get a pickle jar open. I think if you tap with the sledge hammer all the way around the band (like the pickle jar lid) it might jar it loose”. I am pretty sure that at this point the men simply rolled their eyes, but thought they really didn’t have anything to lose. They hammered all the way around the band and lo and behold the band loosened and the tire came right off!! The moral of this story is: Never underestimate GIRL POWER!
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