This started out as a lift of Karen’s awesome page, Buds.
I wanted to record some of the sweet things Lincoln does at the moment. Not the best picture but one of the few I’ve managed to get with him in lately. We’re going through an avoid-the-camera-at-all-costs stage. Wink

Thanks for looking! Smile

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Font: Olivetti Type 2
Journalling: You are such a sweet natured boy, my Son! Even though you like your days to be rough and tumble and full of fast paced play, you try to be so very gentle and you are always affectionate. You have never hit out at anyone - I don’t think you even know what that is. On the odd occasion that you have hurt Daddy or I by accident while we have been playing (usually accidental head butts on the trampoline - ha!) you are quick to give cuddles to say sorry. Every morning, your day starts by giving Mummy and Daddy a kiss and a big cuddle. Then you run off to begin your day! And do you know what, Son? Your day ends the same way too - always a big kiss and cuddle for Mummy and Daddy. On the days that Daddy sometimes works late, you will lay in your cot awake until you hear him come home and wait for him to come in and say goodnight. Then you always go straight to sleep. Whenever we go to the park or for a walk you are quick to hold my hand. On those occasions where you like to go ahead, you always stop after a couple of metres, turn around and wait for me to catch up and then grab my hand. Recently we were playing and you tried to jump on my tummy and I explained to you that you had to be gentle because your little sister was in Mummy’s tummy. And you reached over ever so carefully and rubbed my tummy. We know you will be a wonderful big brother, our adorable sweet boy. We love you!