Here is another page for my ongoing cookbook project.
In 1994, our son, Mark called to ask me how to make cornbread. I don’t use a recipe, so I made cornbread that night and measured it all out . . . wrote it down and sent it on to him.

My Mother taught me how to make cornbread . . . she made a pan of cornbread at least 4 or 5 nights a week. I don’t use a recipe normally, so I measured everything so I could write it down for you.
If you follow this, your cornbread will be perfect every time. Use this also to make corn muffins or corn sticks too by filling each about 1/2 full. It is important to use only a cast iron skillet or muffin pan!
There is nothing better with pinto beans, vegetable soup or with a meatloaf dinner than hot out of the oven cornbread. I love it plain but I really love it split with butter & sugar the best of all. I have always loved it this way; I think that my cousin, Charles Richard taught me to eat cornbread with sugar when I was a little girl down at Mama’s house!
Daddy loved cornbread too, and would crumble leftovers into a big glass of fresh buttermilk. I never developed a taste for that, but those who do, just love it. I use my leftovers to make Cush to have for breakfast sometimes.

Cooked Digital Stamps – Katie Pertiet
Kotteder Solids paper Pack – Maplebrook Studios
Fonts: Caecilia LT Light, Capitalis TypOasis, Century Gothis and Mom’s Font

Katie has an absolutely wonderful collection of cooking papers and elements coming to the store. I will be adding them to my cookbook pages . . . but, I don’t want to alter the style of the pages too much, or I will have to do each of them all over again! I’ve used the little slotted spoon as a page accent on this page.