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Journalling: What a week! We saw the obstetrician on Thursday. She seemed to think I would be a good candidate for a VBAC but ultimately the decision is ours. So we’ve got some more reading, question asking and thinking to do. She had to chase Poppy around my tummy just to get her heart beat! She also wanted me to repeat the morphology scan because she wasn’t happy enough with the heart and spine shots. She’s not worried but wants to see clearer pictures. I also have to repeat my thyroid test even though it’s been perfect. Simply because my thyroid has a reputation for going up and down like a yo-yo. AND I was given a referral for an early glucose tolerance test because she said she often sees GD in women with autoimmune diseases. Joy. Oh, and a pee test. She wanted it all done in a week and me back in a week for results. The hospital couldn’t do it then so it’s happening in 2 weeks. Fun times. Just chasing appointments was enough to turn my hair grey with stress! On Sunday I went to the markets with Mum and Jess to scope out baby stuff. We saw so much stuff but I couldn’t buy it all! I came across these adorable little ruffle bums and got 5 pairs. Considering Poppy will be a summer baby, these paired with a singlet should keep her cool during the day. I also got a patchwork owl cushion, an embroidered owl towel/washer set and a handmade dress. I snagged a yellow chevron lamp on sale at Spotlight too for the nursery. It was nice to get out and do fun stuff and not worry about tests and organising impossible appointments.