It is a good thing there are no rules in PL - because this month really wandered. I wanted to include our trip pages because there wasn’t enough for a book but certainly needed to be documented. So I tried to make it with two trip pages but it wasn’t quite enough room and I still had a birthday and memory birthday to include. So the number of pages just kept growing! Oh well - no rules!!!

We made one of our quick trips to Michigan and Indiana. David’s Dad, Jim Burrows, had been in the hospital so we wanted to get to see him - it had been way too long. We headed out early on Tuesday, July 6 and spent the first night in Toledo. Wednesday morning we went on to Port Huron. We met Dad and Donna at the Bob Evans for lunch and a nice visit. Later that afternoon Donna called to let us know Dad took a good nap and was outside so we headed over for a bit. When we got there Mike and Joyce were there. They purchased the back lot from Dad and have turned it into a lovely “park” with gardens and a little pond. Mike likes to take the dogs over there to let them run and he can sit back and relax. They also bought the little house next door and are fixing it up. Donna and I looked at some old stuff she found of Dad’s in the basement and sent it home with me. Nothing too major, but I always like to get family history. Dad is very weak and doesn’t talk much but loves to ride around the yard with one of the dogs on his lap. We had a nice visit.

David always enjoys driving around Port Huron where he grew up. There are so many wonderful memories! We drove along the St. Clair river and walked along the board walk in town where we watched a couple big freighters and sailboats out in the lake. We also drove by his childhod home on Minnie Street and their home on Westcott Drive.

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