It is a good thing there are no rules in PL - because this month really wandered. I wanted to include our trip pages because there wasn’t enough for a book but certainly needed to be documented. So I tried to make it with two trip pages but it wasn’t quite enough room and I still had a birthday and memory birthday to include. So the number of pages just kept growing! Oh well - no rules!!!

We spent two nights with Trevor and Portia in Lafayette. We enjoyed a great visit. Saturday morning Portia had to work and we headed to the Farmer’s Market with Trevor. This was our first chance to see the house they bought. It is on the edge of the historic district and is really in great condition. It’s got the great wood molding and some built in cabinets. David’s Meniere's Disease was causing him some problems so we went back to our hotel for a couple hours for him to rest. We were back with them for dinner - fabulous pizza topped with fresh from their garden tomatoes, zucchini, squash and kale! We headed out early Sunday morning for home. It was a very long twelve hours on the road and we were so happy to be home but were super tired. I was still on vacation on Monday so we were able to rest and lay back for the day.
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