I hope you'll join me in the next Story Scrapbook Challenge.
For those that want a subject to scrap this time, I will challenge you to scrap a story about someone who has made a marked impact on your life.

In my page page, I'm telling the story about my grandma teaching me to knit. A love I still have today.

Using goodies from the freebie gift put together by Katie, plus:

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Beneath Walls Paper Pack No. 01

Katie Pertiet:
Thin Classic Photo Frames Curled and Flat No. 01
Yarn Swirls No. 03: Summer
Stamped Blocks No. 23 Brushes and Stamps
Adrier Solids Paper Pack
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To know me is to know I love my craft of digital scrapbooking. But there is another love I have that has filled me with joy over the years, and that is knitting.

It was my grandma that taught me to knit, I guess I was about 12 or so. I would sit with her on the couch and she patiently guided me in which way to loop my yarn, how to hold my needles (which I still don’t do correctly), the direction to point the needle into the yarn. I’m sure I exasperated her on many occasions.

I can’t even remember the count of how many needles I broke. I would wind my yarn so tightly that the plastic needles would snap in two. More plastic needles would magically appear, I’m sure she kept a stock of them for that very purpose.

I would happily knit by her side. She was famous for making bedsocks for us using two different coloured yarns at once. I would perservere trying to knit my first scarf, complete with many holes (which I pretended was an intricate pattern I was creating). We would take a count of the stitches and there were either more or less than what I started with. My first scarf was the crookedest scarf you’d ever seen, but grandma was so proud of me, you’d think I’d won first prize in a CWA knitting contest.

So now, long after grandma has gone, I pick up the needles and click away. I am creating patterns in the most beautiful variegated colours that grandma would have only dreamed of back then, if I need a pattern I just click onto Ravelry and can find whatever I need, unheard of in her day. Oh how the craft of knitting has advanced, but through it all I have my grandmother’s love alongside me with every knit and purl I make. Thank you for giving me this love grandma.